Suzuki SV650 Hook Mounting Bracket

The biggest grievance I had with my motorcycle top case mounting platform was that it had these loops where you're supposed to mount the blinkers that I wasn't using since I kept the blinkers mounted to the license plate bracket. I found myself always putting my clothing, backpacks, and helmet in a risky position on the bike while I was putting on my gear and had some close calls with it all falling off. I kept thinking to myself that the loops would be so much more useful as hooks.

I decided to design some brackets that could be 3D printed to mount in these loops and hold some hooks that I would use to hang my gear while I put it on or take it off. I designed these brackets so they are self aligning, can be used with a variety of hooks with a slotted mounting hole, and use minimal hardware to be assembled. I went with one 2 sided hook and one hook with a clasp thing to give the illusion that whatever is hanging from it is secured.

Honestly, these hooks have significantly improved my gear-up experience in that they're super accessible and can hold a lot of weight. No more putting things on the ground or risking it falling off the bike because it's all secured on these hooks. I could have gotten some nicer hooks because a bathroom towel hanger mounted to the back of a motorcycle is a little strange but the functionality is so worth the appearance, also they were the cheapest ones on McMaster so I wasn't about to be picky.