Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 Rear Peg Delete Bracket

This was a bracket I made for a friend who was looking to lighten his motorcycle for when he takes it to the track. As you can see in the before picture, the bracket holding the exhaust also holds the rear peg for a passenger. At the track, you're not going to be taking any passengers so there's no need for the extra weight and drag that the stock bracket creates.

The bracket is actually 4 parts: the main bracket milled from a scrap piece of angle aluminum, a threaded hollow cylinder with a cap, and a polyurethane bushing to reduce the vibrations coming from the exhaust. Although this bracket was made with subtractive manufacturing, weight was the primary concern so I ran it through a topology optimization program to try and remove as much material as possible without sacrificing too much strength. I didn't need the square cutout, but the customer wanted a way to strap his saddlebags to the bracket, thus the square remains.

The final touch is the copper nameplate flush-mounted to the side which was definitely not included because I messed up the letter stamping directly to the bracket.