Call Box Key Holder

Not knowing what to do with an emergency call box that I found, I figured I would use it as a learning experience for automation. The idea was to have it look like a call box when opened, but by entering the secret phone number, the front panel would open up and reveal a key holding panel.

Although the box does not allow actual phone calls to be made, there is another secret number that will play you a song through the phone and any other phone number results in a loud error noise played.

While a lot of the mechanisms could have been designed more effectively, this was done using mainly old spare parts that were lying around. The structure of the assembly comes from three laser cut and bent panels that hold everything. The electronics are hidden underneath the metal panels and while it needs a bit more work cosmetically, the functionality is all there.

I made a video going more in depth into the design, assembly, and code for those interested:
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