Headphone Stand with Audio Visualizer

After breaking my old headphone stand broke, I decided to make my own because I figured I could learn a thing or two and make one with an awesome visualizer. I first saw this laser visualizer in high school where you can shine a laser at a mirror attached to a speaker and you can see the sounds being played through the vibration of the speaker. I always thought it was pretty neat, but was not very simple to set up. Thankfully, I had an old speaker I was ok with sacrificing for this project.

I bought an aux to speaker adapter and used random electrical components I had laying around as well as 3D printing the structure that I designed. The stand has a place to wrap the wires up if needed, a power switch, and a disconnectable power cable to reduce the risk of damage during transportation. I did design this around my Ipod nano so that it can clip to the front and be charged while making some cool effects.

The things I would change in the next design is tidy up the wiring, maybe include an aux splitter so I can plug this and my headphones into the same thing, wrap the outside to hide the internals and not use a broken speaker to get rid of the slight rattling.

To see the stand in action and how it's put together, visit the following link here!