General Grievous Expo Marker Holder

I made this mainly because I thought it would be neat to have, but also because my whiteboard at work doesn't have a tray to hold whiteboard essentials like markers. I like Star Wars and the only character who wields 4 sabers other than Pong Krell (sorta) is General Grievous.

The statue itself was sourced from GrabCad and 3D printed, but I did have to make some custom arms that would attach to the body and could hold the markers at the correct position. The cape also made Grievous a little back heavy and would fall over so I machined out a base with a block to hold him up. You can't see it but there is a counterbored hole in the base to allow an M4 bolt to go through the black support and into a threaded insert melted into the cape to make it all a little more secure.