Audi B5 Foglight Kit

These are some brackets I made for my car to mount some fog-lights I bought to give it more of a rally car look and because the old stock headlights and foglights didn't do a whole lot in the illumination department. There was only one mounting kit I could find online that required the disconnecting of the headlight washers and was honestly just an ugly solution. This is the second iteration and I think they came out very nicely. The first brackets I designed mounted in a different place that constrained them to be flimsy so the lights would shake around while driving and blocked airflow to the radiator. I got the inspiration for this design from a dream about ice cream where I woke up, sketched it out, and then went back to sleep.

I designed the brackets in CAD, ran some stress simulations, made some drawings, and took it to the school machine shop once I was happy with everything. In the shop I used the lathe, mill, and mig welder to make the brackets. I welded a captive nut because using one less wrench to put something together is always desirable. A few coats of anti rust spray (probably could've done a few more) and they were mounted. They helped out a ton when driving at night, through snowstorms on the way to skiing, and I got a ton of compliments at the race I competed in and around town.

Unfortunately, I had to get rid of the car but I sold the brackets, the lights, complete wiring harness, and a powerpoint installation guide to someone (gray car owner) who was looking for the same mod and he gave a wonderful review.

From Justin: "Perfect fit and function. Easy install with very in-depth wiring instructions"