Welcome to Brizzimo! Professional and elegant solutions for any application

About Brizzimo

Brizzimo is a name that I came up with for my “business” as a way to share my ideas/inventions and maybe one day have real customers.

Although my degree is in mechanical engineering, I have experience in many different disciplines including electronics, robotics, sewing, coding, construction, testing, and just about every type of manufacturing process out there allowing me to create and design products for any need.

Everything on this website which I also designed has been a project undertaken during my free time either for my own fun or for those who request it. Anything from replacement dishwasher clips to automated secret boxes. The two main design principles for everything designed are simplicity and functionality.

Another very important aspect is sustainability, leading to things being made of sustainable materials or things that would otherwise be scrapped. I am basically the master of using that scrap piece of wood you keep around ~just in case~.

By clicking on the solutions tag or by visiting the Brizzimo Instagram account linked at the bottom of the page, you will be able to get an idea for the things that I can create.